ALWAYS listen to Bloo(*)

Failing to heed his advice, I was a bit late in waiting to get them neutered, and Sooty managed to find a socket for his recharger :( Judging by the size of Frosty’s belly, I’m expecting a fair sized litter :(

(* Except when he is clearly wrong)

Cats without so much of the cat…

CatGenie: Restored my apartment from “palace of cat poop” to “my home” again. The fact I saw it in an infomercial mean’t buying one was a last resort for me, but now I wish I’d bought it long, long ago…

Kitten update

I had to take the kittens’ mother to the local animal shelter :( She and Baby were not making any progress, and having her continually meowing 24/7 (even between mouthfuls of food) and efforts to mask baby’s scent with her own (by peeing everywhre) was just too much. Shame – she’s a really, really nice cat, otherwise :(

Hi, my name is Frosty…

Oliver discovered me and my brother under a bush with our vigilant mommy watching over us. He kindly brought us into his house

cats 001

And my first action on visiting a house for the first time, will be: