cell hosts

The new grid: Sexy and short.

Yesterday I got the new cell host’s Grid System code integrated, up and running for the first time. Slight frame-of-reference whoopsie on the first run, I’d commented out some frame-of-reference code so if you weren’t at 0,0 you couldn’t see anyone :)

I’m stuck for words describing the elation this has induced in me and why.

I want to leap, gushing, into what it’s already allowed me to do, the immediate benefits and gains I can see as the cell host’s godfather. But I’m also aware that what I write here ends up in the forums and would likely get blown out of proportion :) So I’ll start with some obvious tech-head droolery.

$ for file in host/hostGrid.cpp updt/updtPackers.cpp
> do
>   wc -l pn-{1.32,1.33-newgrid}/WW2/src/${file}
> done

 1379 pn-1.32/WW2/src/host/hostGrid.cpp
  557 pn-1.33-newgrid/WW2/src/host/hostGrid.cpp
  2364 pn-1.32/WW2/src/updt/updtPackers.cpp
  1315 pn-1.33-newgrid/WW2/src/updt/updtPackers.cpp

And to give perspective…

1.32 host/hostGrid.cpp comments: 145
1.33 host/hostGrid.cpp comments: 275
1.32 updt/updtPackers.cpp comments: 163
1.33 updt/updtPackers.cpp comments: 209

Replay videos

Regarding the Bastogne “replay” videos, Madrebel asked:

ah so you’ll never likely allow access to the game DB. what about a slave sql db with a read socket open to something like wiretap?

We’re not likely going to provide external access to the data, but we have – of course – been throwing ideas around for how we might make it useful in-game. I think it would be really bad juju if I picked any particular idea as an example because right now it is just a debug tool.

One of the reasons for making the Bastogne videos was “to see what we can see”. It actually kicked off an interesting discussion point when I coaxed Rafter into putting it on the big screen at the close of an unrelated meeting last week.