“DBA” v0.1
Work-in-progress version of my Database Abstraction project.

Oh really?

So, apparently, Code::Blocks has no version control support at all. That explains a lot about how disappointing the development has been since the first shock and awe of its arrival on the scene. And Eclipse is just freakin’ evil. Support for importing Makefile projects seems to have been phased out. I managed to get it to nearly import the host code project at one point, but I had to wipe the folder and change the directory structure to suite it. But now I can’t do anything to convince it that the experiment isn’t still there. If this was a Windows box, I’d say it was something in the registry…

And Eclipse always feels just a little too sluggish under Linux. I really can’t work up any enthusiasm for spending any of my own time learning Eclipse enough to recreate the project under Eclipse.

So I guess it will be Code::Blocks and command line svn. Bah.