“dba” 0.3.0

Found a problem with the way I was testing logical statements (rs[0] != NULL) which lead to finding that some of the tests weren’t being, well, tested. After fixing that, I found the SQLite interface was reading one too many rows.

Also turned on -Wall and -Werror for the non-MSVC builds, to catch any errors I was missing – I found a few minor casting problems which I also fixed. This version is the first “healthy” version. It also seems to compile and work quite happily under MSVC.

– Oliver

“dba” 0.2.1

Nothing special, added “install” targets to the CMake-generated Makefiles.

“dba” v0.2

Version 0.2  2010/03/01 [ Status:: MySQL: working; SQLite: working ]
  1. Completed a number of incomplete functions.
  2. Brought the SQLite interface up to working status.
  3. Some convenience functions (variadic constructors).
  4. Fixed numerous bugs.
  5. Significantly bolstered “main.cpp”

“DBA” v0.1
Work-in-progress version of my Database Abstraction project.

C++ Templates, avoiding virtual

I’ve not done a great deal with C++ Templates, and especially with some of the improvements in C++0x, I’m thinking I’d like to change that.

One particular example I’m tinkering with right now is a database abstraction layer I’ve been dragging around with me for years. It has two primary members: DBQuery and DBRow. Up until now they have been littered with #ifdef’s. I want to ditch the ifs and switch to templates.