Vista to the rescue!

Under my policy of credit where it’s due. The Ark of Truth DVD is Widescreen, but my (SD) TV isn’t. So I was going to play the DVD on my PC. I haven’t gotten around to installing a DVD player yet, so I figured I should give Vista’s Media Center a chance, and frankly I was very pleased but the quality was a bit grainy.

Thinking it might be some DRM thing or just not a very good default codec (preserving some marketplace for the DVD player industry) I switched back to XP. Nada. To the Asus website (I’m not sure why). A firmware update? Ok. Download, run… Blue screen. Boot problems.

I couldn’t get it to flash. In desperation I booted Vista and tried flashing from Vista.


I still have the issue of grainy playback. It’s not terrible, but its just not the quality I would have expected. I guess I’ll download a WinDVD trial if there is one and try that. But Yay for Vista! I’ve finally used it for something other than Solitaire/Spider Solitaire :)