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Quality Assurance. Not quality testing, not bug tracking, not feedback. Quality assurance. Assurance of Quality.

WireTap Links

I’ve been seeing several WireTap apps coming on really well; both Ampos and SLR have been pushing links to them, so I’m going to add a Links section to the WireTap pages – I’ve already moved the sample tools there, I’ll try and do a bit more cleanup on the site itself in my spare time this week.

If you have been working on WireTap based tools and would like them linked from the official pages, drop a comment here, preferably with a “front page” link, download link and docs links – don’t worry if all you have is a download link, that’s OK too :)

If you want to include a screenshot, make one called wt_sshot.jpg and place it alongside the download, if you want your screenshot thumbnailed on wiretap, create a smaller version of it called wt_sshot_t.jpg. Dimensions must be 200px 160px – minimize, crop or pad as need be, but those are the dimensions I will be cooercing it to.