Old Republic, new wow?

As excitement grows about Bioware’s impendingStar Wars: The Old Republic“, pundits are once again beginning to talk about it’s chances vs Warcraft as theĀ dethroner.

Lots of games have said they’ll dethrone WoW … I think I’ve correctly called on all of them :) I think pundits are making these speculations based on trending in past media, like television, single player games and (not-MMO) multi-player games.

The Old Republic

LucasArts just released the firstĀ cinematic trailer for the KOTOR. Emphasis cinematic. I’ve been making something of an effort not to get sucked into any hype-tornado that might build up prior to the release, not wanting to set myself up for a brutal fantasy-gone-south bashing. I would have loved to work with SWG, with the original team! I didn’t know if I would have wanted to work on the KOTOR MMO (although I know I’d be proud as heck to work with their team, well – aside from a certain crazy German).