Replacing playgate…

Of course, there’s way more important things to do but replacing PlayGate is still on the todo list after my .NET rewrite got scratched due to a failure to understand what “this is a development version so it may require you to install various libraries and stuff” mean’t, and I had to keep the old Win32 C code alive, again.

The thing keeping me from resurrecting my .NET version is that either I’m missing something or .NET localization is a total pain in the backside – even with XAML?


Mono vs Java

There is a slowly emerging community of .NET developers for Linux in domains that were traditionally strongholds of Java and C++/C developers. Linux people developing with a Microsoft language? The simple “we won’t sue you” promise doesn’t explain it.

And then the penny dropped… Perhaps, Better the Devil You Know?

.NET Named String Literals

I must be missing something really obvious here; I want to name a set of string literals so that I can refer to them by name subsequently. In Ye Olde Days of C it would probably have been with a 

#define LINK_BASE_URL “http://www.kfs.org/”

And then in C++

namespace Links
  static const char* baseUrl = “http://www.kfs.org/” ;
Right now I’m experimenting with Managed C++ (yes, that is the right choice for this scenario) but I can’t seem to find a painless way of simply naming a string literal. I don’t want the same string constant repeated over and over.