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Opines from Beta

The 1.31 Open Beta has been steadily rocking along. Few little wobbles at the start there, and I’m not sure if Ramp has fixed the gargoyles yet (infantry “statues” that appear when a trooper dies out of your line of sight but inside your vis range; the trooper animation system surrenders the body to the ragdoll system, which promptly disowns it because he’s not in LOS; leaving a death-throws statue).

Started out rough: In short, the debug build of the servers I was building couldn’t handle 20 people simultaneously, the world-update loop was frantically dialing back its capacity and then treating everyone to the “wow, long time no hear” treatment.

I’ll explain the technical issues in a little more detail after the bump, but this post is primarily going to be about the gameplay feedback we’ve gotten…

Specifically, regarding the feel of the new capture system; picking up a discussion I fired up a little while back.

1.31 open beta next week

1.29 Open Beta is out

Oh, it’s been a fun day. It turns out, for instance that 0 + 1 is not 0 (++counter; assert( counter == 0 ); no worky)

Anyway, with a little tweaking and figuring out of who had what checked in or not checked in and we finally got it stable. Gophur is uploading a client patch with the first wave of fixes as I type but Open Beta is available for download right now.

Open Beta Announcement (Battleground Europe subscription required, sorry)