A caution to TXU customers…

If, like me, you’re using TXU’s recurring billing payment system…

Microshaft at work

freenet.gif Maybe its my time in the ISP industry, but I just happened to notice this tiny little ad in the corner of a page. “Free domain”.

Well, domain registration isn’t exactly expensive. But the margins are pretty narrow. Oh well, I guess that’s the price you pay for making a living selling something that puts you in the path of Microsoft.

Losing the spam war

I’ve often wanted to post on my frustration with the spam that bombards my blog, but I figured that quoting any of it would just draw more of the same kinds of spammers.

Lum does it with pictures. Uhm, I’ve just been waiting for the right picture ;)

My home domain gets between 300mb to 2.5gb of spam mails (and faked-header bounces) per day, all traffic that I pay for. I’m not a violent person but if I caught wind of a spammer lynching, I would literally run to the store to buy rope. After all – this is a war.