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Oh hai Adobe, thx4hak

(No, I haven’t been affected)

Intel Parallel Studio


My favorite part of the overview video at the top is the “Parallel Composer” part, specifically where he shows us some menu items.

Uhm; wait a second… Parallel “Composer”… Appears to be The Intel Parallel Compiler Professional, which also includes the Thread Building Blocks and IPP libraries… And, uh, also come with what is badged here as “Parallel Inspector”.

Infact, so far as I can tell, the only difference between buying “Parallel Studio” and Intel Parallel Compiler is that the Parallel Composer version comes with Parallel Amplifier (which sounds like it might be v-tune).

Their naming bothers me immensely, it is outrageously false advertising:

Farewell, MySQL

There was all kinds of speculation about whether or not Oracle’s purchase of Sun – and thus MySQL – would mark the end of the era of free MySQL…

Well, in just the last week or two it seems that MySQL Community Edition has dropped off MySQL’s site. It had done soonce, briefly,  in an earlier reshuffle a couple of years ago but came back, so I’ve spent the last 40 minutes searching around their site trying to find it.

It’s gone.

It’s not on the front page…

It’s not under “Products”

It certainly isn’t under “Enterprise” anywhere

And it’s not under “Why MySQL”

Could this be why?

If you want MySQL Community edition, you’re going to have to head to their “developer” site, So it’s not quite dead yet.

Wonder if it’ll come back when they stop getting 65,000 downloads a day because people can’t find the link, and go to Postgres/SQLite instead?

Did I mention that Adobe is evil?

From Things To Know about Windows 7 Beta:


If you do any of the following in a standard user account that has Guest Mode turned on, subsequent logins to the account will fail:

  • Change any HomeGroup settings.
  • Use CardSpace to create a personal InfoCard.
  • Install Adobe Flash Player.

My suggested work around? Don’t install anything from Adobe :) Ever!

Loser Interfaces

I mean, what the hell?


It seems this is Microsoft’s latest improvement of the old chestnut. Oddly, I found it rather inconvenient to have my machines reboot themselves. Clearly, Microsoft have made it unsafe to have auto-updates enabled, again. In the 3rd VM to reboot I managed to be hitting one of the many accelerator keys that corresponds to clicking on “Reboot Now” before the dialog went from loading to visible. I also have to give a little shout-out to the guy(s) at VMWare responsible for the Virtual Debugger interface in Visual Studio: Some of the most cryptic prompts and error feedback.  Like this classic:


Adobe, absolute evil

My PC has been running Vista for the last few weeks mostly because it boots like greased lightning. 20 seconds, top, from BIOS to Desktop. Then tonight, it suddenly took over 3 minutes from login to Desktop.

Puzzled, I compared the results from SysinternalsAutoruns between last night and tonight. The difference?


A java update, ooOoo!

Well, now I finally understand why it’s so important that Sun’s Java doesn’t worry about little things like giving you a choice in whether or not they run the Java helper on your system. Obviously all of us use Java all of the time. But, what my computer was missing was, it’s so clear now… Puzzle Pirates.

I don’t know why, but this just pushed a button somewhere. It is time to begin the Annual KFS1’s “Better Then Microsoft” award for companies that manage to out-Microsoft Microsoft at the kind of evil crap we hate MS for. Right now Sun, Adobe and Corel are fore-runners in the category of “Showing Total Lack of Respect for Customers”. EA’s download manager came close to putting them in the running but, while they neglect to give you an install-time option for disabling auto-updates, it wasn’t hard to find it in the app itself.

Any nominations?