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Facebook spammer fined $1 billion

Counter-Botnetting: Honeypot @ Home

Here’s an idea for aspiring anti-botnet researchers:

Hook up with someone like the OpenBox creators or VMware and perhaps the guys at Malware Bytes. Create some Virtual Machine environments with all the security ripped out, that can be distributed with the intent of remotely (and deliberately) getting botnetted “in the wild”, but under controlled circumstances while running like one of those “@ Home” applications on volunteer systems.

Losing the spam war

I’ve often wanted to post on my frustration with the spam that bombards my blog, but I figured that quoting any of it would just draw more of the same kinds of spammers.

Lum does it with pictures. Uhm, I’ve just been waiting for the right picture ;)

My home domain gets between 300mb to 2.5gb of spam mails (and faked-header bounces) per day, all traffic that I pay for. I’m not a violent person but if I caught wind of a spammer lynching, I would literally run to the store to buy rope. After all – this is a war.