Nearly done with PreparedStatement

It’s been a really busy week – starting out with me going locking down on Monday and working from home to get a whole bunch of stuff blasted out without having to go cowboy.

Somehow, inbetween everything else, I’ve managed to get a little ‘recreational coding’ out of the genuine need to get prepared statements integrated into the codebase for what we’re doing with the auth process.

So far, I only need data modifying statements, but the natural progression is a general encapsulation that will also support call/select etc. (Right now I never even both fetching the result set because none of my queries needs to).

Mmm, when a good class comes together

I’m so not a DBA. We’re currently working on a bunch of stuff that relates to the way the game understands permissions and subscriptions; a neccessity for work we’ve wanted to do for a while and¬†for our Chinese partners. The database portion has been a pain because I’ve been overly focused on how performance will translate to China.

I am a coder…

I am a coder, not a DBA.
I am a coder, not a DBA.
I am a coder, not a DBA.