stargate atlantis

Atlantis did not suck

Actually liked the twist. With Daniel to bounce off, David Hewlett seemed more inclined to play the earlier style Rodney as much as the script allowed making him an asset to the episode rather than the bane he has become.

But, I think they missed a golden opportunity – small, potential spoiler, so I’ll inconvenience you with one of these despite it being fairly short:


Here’s something you don’t often see from me… Praise, and high praise too: I haven’t enjoyed a Stargate episode like I enjoyed Atlantis’s “Whispers” last night since SG:1 season 9 or probably 8.


Stargate Atlantis is apparently comes to a close at the end of this season. I have to admit, I watch Atlantis on a Friday night if my TiVo doesn’t have a good episode from the early seasons of SG1 on it. I don’t think I’ve ever watched an Atlantis re-run.

The fact is that the Atlantis series might as well all be aliens. Who cares if they are from Earth, they’re in another galaxy, they have Stargates, puddle jumpers, starships and advanced ancient technology out of wazoo. If the IOA thought O’Neill, Carter and Jackson were bad, was the day they selected/approved Sheppard and McKay bong day?

I try to imagine John Sheppard leading troops in active combat overseas and I shudder (Ok, he’s airforce, but so?)

Still, sorry to see the series end, it’s had the occasional cracking episode like The Daedalus Variations and last week’s episode was well above par too.