X3: Terran Conflict (and a QA rant)

x301I’ve always loved space games. Some years ago I discovered a little beauty, “X: Beyond the Frontier“. For an Elite fan, it was pure gold. Gameplay was open enough that you could choose between, what Granik terms, “Space Trucking” and a more pro-active combat game like Eve. It has been through several iterations now, each improving significantly upon the last. A few weeks ago I spotted a new release on Steam: X3: Terran Conflict.

(High quality versions of all the YouTube videos are available if you click thru to YouTube)

Orange Box/TF2

I’ve already bought and registered TF2 online via Steam at home. I wanted to install it on my box here for our Friday night sessions. Jaeger has The Orange Box, and I thought maybe I could install it from that. Nope. It installed Steam but then it wants an activation key before it will let me install anything. Does that mean that if you reinstall you can’t use the DVD to install the games and have to download the, too?