Gource, it’s not that ‘ard.

“This is a little video I’ve made”. Yarh. Press ‘record’, disengage ‘brain’.

I stumbled on “Gource” yesterday (via the ‘25 Years of AmigaOS Development‘ on SlashDot).

After messing with generating videos of the Battleground Europe source repository, and realizing it would be easier to clone the repo to my machine, I found myself twiddling my thumbs waiting for a file transfer.

“Hmm”, I thought, “I wonder if I could use it for something else…”

In Defense of Nettersheim, Finale

The finale to the Nettersheim series, hope you enjoy :)

Remember this (reprieve from Nettersheim)

Circa July 2002

In defense of Netterhsiem, Pt4…

Allies have the North Armybase zipped up tightly, Axis hold the most strategic location between the last depot and the AB, overlooking the tract of otherwise open ground. Can either side take control of the no-mans-land and secure the town?

In defense of Nettersheim, Pt3…

Continuing the Nettersheim footage

Between the all-important armybase and the Axis northern most position lies a brutal stretch of wide-open ground. The Allies have a cluster of buildings and small copses of trees to provide them with an excellent tactical position.

Again: Raw and live buzzard cam footage – not from a server recording.

The audio-commentary should be clearer on this one.

In defense of Nettersheim Part 2…

The bloodbath continues. Intense fighting between two capture buildings. The Allies have a strong hold on the North Armybase separated from the infantry battle by a long stretch of open ground.

Again: Raw and live buzzard cam footage – not from a server recording.

Oh, and this time with commentary ;-P

Much as I like Vegas Movie Studio

The error messages when it can’t render are of the “An error occurred” ilk; It is incredibly unstable trying to render 1080 videos; it only allows a maximum of 4 threads on my i7. And it keeps getting into a state where it just does nothing but count elapsed time while rendering videos (mp4 and wmv).

I guess this is why it has gone from more expensive than Camtasia to a lot cheaper =(

In defense of Nettersheim…

Axis forces are embattled in the town of Nettersheim. The Allies have captured the North Armybase and seem to be advancing. Can the Axis hold out?

Part 1 of 4 …

1080 available if you click-thru to PronYouTube.

(Raw buzzard footage! When I realized it was going to be an epic battle, I hopped into a buzzard and filmed this live)

Oh, gnpatton :)


Replay videos

Regarding the Bastogne “replay” videos, Madrebel asked:

ah so you’ll never likely allow access to the game DB. what about a slave sql db with a read socket open to something like wiretap?

We’re not likely going to provide external access to the data, but we have – of course – been throwing ideas around for how we might make it useful in-game. I think it would be really bad juju if I picked any particular idea as an example because right now it is just a debug tool.

One of the reasons for making the Bastogne videos was “to see what we can see”. It actually kicked off an interesting discussion point when I coaxed Rafter into putting it on the big screen at the close of an unrelated meeting last week.