windows 8

W8DP (Windows 8 Dev Preview) Continued…

This has to be really early days for the UI; the phone UI heritage screams at you. For example: There’s no clear and evident “shutdown” or “reboot” interface.

If you click on your “User tile” on the start screen/menu/page you get an option to log off.

Sometimes, right-clicking screens works and you get an app-wide context menu. But it doesn’t seem consistent.

The lack of a close-app button is bothering me greatly, hehe.


Windows 8 (Dev Preview)

I’m in the middle of moving house, we just finally got into our apartment properly last night. For my test of Internet connectivity, I decided to download the Windows 8 Developer Preview. This morning, while waiting for the carpet guy to come collect his ozone machine (they cleaned the carpets but that didn’t remove the dog-pee stains or the smells of smoke, weed or dog), I gave it a very quick spin.