Vista SP1

After my box got infected last weekend, I’ve been dropping into Vista here and there. Nothing has really changed, but somehow it’s not quite annoying me as much, and I don’t get the urge to hop back into XP. So what’s different?

A Mac trend…

A couple of nights ago, (or as it last night, such a long week) I found myself with the mouse hovering over “Buy Now” for a customized 24in iMac for home… $2,500. After a long hard think, I finally decided no: not yet. I updated my Facebook(sorry, if I don’t know you, I won’t accept) status to the tune of “is resisting the urge to buy a Mac”. I’ve had nearly a third of my Facebook friends message/write/pm/email me saying “go on”! The strange thing is, they are mostly the people I would never have dreamed would be Mac users.

We all know that Mac users are the ex-smokers at the health club and the Mac itself sucks, a throwback to the days before Windows 3.

XP Until 2010 (Woot!)

And after that, we can all go touchscreen crazy