Pirates ahoy

My fleet is now 63 ships; mostly freighters. My Mk3 traders have been getting good and I had reached 4Mcr again. Time for some more building, but as I’d discover… the X3:TC universe is anything but at rest…

X3 Storyline vs Sandbox

Terran Conflict is, by and large, a sandbox space game; the slogan is “Fight, Trade, Build, Think“. If you go the fight route, ultimately you will be building up a fleet of carriers, corvettes, destroyers, etc, and taking on the “AGI” (Automated General Intelligence) and Pirate threats, and anyone else you deem to be a threat – not merely cruising around in a hyper-souped fighter.

I doubt there’s storyline to cover that, and last night I embarked on a soujourn into the X3:TC storyline again. It turned out to be the same storyline I would have started with if I hadn’t chosen the “Humble Trader” route.

X3:TC and on

I’ve been ill the last week and so I’ve not done much of anything. Last night I decided to spend a couple of hours gaming, maybe some Fallout 3. But when I got to the desktop, the X3 icon was just more appealing.

Oh, and did I mention, X2: The Threat and X3: Reunion were both available for Linux? (I think TC uses cutting edge Direct X stuff so no Linux port, at least not yet)

X3TC: A little upgrade goes a long way


Did I mention that it has awesome, kick-ass background music?

I played for a couple of hours last night before the big storm arrived and I upgraded my ship’s weapons: up until now it has really been for show (it seems like the AI pirates will scan your ship and are more inclined to attack a target with no weapons). Now it’s for kicking ass.

X3: Terran Conflict (and a QA rant)

x301I’ve always loved space games. Some years ago I discovered a little beauty, “X: Beyond the Frontier“. For an Elite fan, it was pure gold. Gameplay was open enough that you could choose between, what Granik terms, “Space Trucking” and a more pro-active combat game like Eve. It has been through several iterations now, each improving significantly upon the last. A few weeks ago I spotted a new release on Steam: X3: Terran Conflict.

(High quality versions of all the YouTube videos are available if you click thru to YouTube)