$85 for a 1000Gb drive from NewEgg.

$135 for a 120Gb drive from Microsoft.

If it was $150 for a 500Gb drive, that would make sense. But 120Gb?

What they don’t tell you is that it includes a transfer kit. Ok, so that adds maybe $20-$30.

But presumably the drives themselves are obsolete by today’s standards, hiking the price up. I mean, that has to be it? Cause Microsoft aren’t daft enough to sell a poxy hard drive upgrade for close to half the price of a PS3 complete with 120Gb drive – are they?

Force Unleashed / Alone in the Dark

Brace yourselves, you know how dismal it is when I review new games… Well, I downloaded The Force Unleashed and Alone in the Dark demos for the XBox 360 and gave them a whorl. I enjoyed both demos but I’m still going to be tough on both games…