Google *is* a corporation.

I’m not going to use Google for search, Gmail for mail or Chrome for browsing. Nor do I suggest anyone else should. But the aforementioned “pay-for” Internet proposal should mark the death of our naievete when it comes to Google.

Dodge vs Ford: Corporate responsibility is to the wealth of the shareholders, not the community.

Google’s “for pay” internet…

Google and Verizon have announced their plans for a separate, “premium” Internet.

My question is: what common ground would these two companies have for wanting to charge for bandwidth.


I’m currently running IE 8.0, Safari and Chrome. Definitely a mixed bag of pros and cons. I’m still an Explorer fan, but Chrome has done a good job of taking the best of each, mixed with lots of the good stuff from Firefox, and shows you how nice browsing really could be. But Chrome feels far more like Alpha than Beta.

Google Chrome

Well, duh, Google made a browser: Chrome. Apparently, based on the same browser engine as Firefox although poking around I see striking similarities to Safari. (Correction: It’s based on the same Open Source engine as Safari but they give a lot of credit to Firefox)

It’s certainly fast, and if you use a lot of JavaScript intense pages … really fast. (Edit: They use their own Open Source JavaScript Virtual Machine written, called V8)

What I understand from reading the Introductory Comic (very cool!) is that the HTML renderer is borrowed but the platform itself is written from scratch.