Yes, you heard me…

We’re testing some sweet little fixes and changes to 1.31 this weekend:

– $here, kitty kitty,
– Auto-approval of contact reports,
– Fix for the shadow-flash thing,
– Likely fix for Mission Results Pending,
– Some itty performance tweaks that nobody will notice but you might notice under-performance a little less often,
– The No-Fire-Zone only takes effect once the facility becomes spawnable.

In defense of Nettersheim, Pt3…

Continuing the Nettersheim footage

Between the all-important armybase and the Axis northern most position lies a brutal stretch of wide-open ground. The Allies have a cluster of buildings and small copses of trees to provide them with an excellent tactical position.

Again: Raw and live buzzard cam footage – not from a server recording.

The audio-commentary should be clearer on this one.

In defense of Nettersheim Part 2…

The bloodbath continues. Intense fighting between two capture buildings. The Allies have a strong hold on the North Armybase separated from the infantry battle by a long stretch of open ground.

Again: Raw and live buzzard cam footage – not from a server recording.

Oh, and this time with commentary ;-P

Routing and finding the front line

Every now and again, for some reason I can’t explain, my little “flood fill” algorithm from tracing supply links out from the factories manages to miss a spot.

How not to be seen


It fell!

10 hours of serious warfare, and Antwerp falls to the Axis. But that’s by no means the end of the story: 


If you go down to the woods today…

… be wary of bugs under rocks.

The last couple of days have been “interesting” (especially in terms of getting any sleep here). The complex and scary stuff in Battleground Europe’s 1.29 patch has worked as you’d expect it to. But as any coder ought to expect, the little things went awry.

Battle of the Alps

Tonight was another Kill-A-Rat promotion and the last night of the Campaign #45 intermission (Campaign #45 ran for 92 days concluding in an Axis victory).

We had a great turnout and I was loathe to see it evaporate as the Rats logged off and went their various ways. So I did a little something daft on an impulse and it turned out to be awesome fun.

Hot Damn!

(Also in High Quality on the YouTube page – click the link under the “Views” count)

Videos like that make it suck that I only get paid to write the game and not to play it :)

Breda: The pounding will continue

The last year or so of rule changes have really changed big city fights, and in our game world, Breda is a big city.

I wound up working most of the night last night and since I had to be in-game, I spent a fair amount of time in/at/watching Breda which is turning out to be a 3 day series of epic battles. Little bit of that Olympic spirit going on, maybe?