ALWAYS listen to Bloo(*)

Failing to heed his advice, I was a bit late in waiting to get them neutered, and Sooty managed to find a socket for his recharger :( Judging by the size of Frosty’s belly, I’m expecting a fair sized litter :(

(* Except when he is clearly wrong)

Cats without so much of the cat…

CatGenie: Restored my apartment from “palace of cat poop” to “my home” again. The fact I saw it in an infomercial mean’t buying one was a last resort for me, but now I wish I’d bought it long, long ago…

Frosty freak

*snicker* Actually, I found a little iPhone/Droid app called “PetMeCat” which has that sound, a purring sound and a meow sound. The angry/fight sound doesn’t have a great deal of effect on Sooty but Frosty leaps into action. If I follow it up with the purring sound, she comes snuggles with me. Kinda funny actually, thanks to this app Frosty has become a lot more snuggly lol.

I just tried playing the wav on my speakers. Both kittens went nuts and are now searching the house for the offender.

A-door-able kittys


OMG, it’s wet!

I hoped that Baby and the kittens would take to a multi-cat, self-filtering, water fountain. Frosty took to it. Zip, splash. This was my first attempt at filming anything with my Droid, I’ll try and capture some of Frosty’s more amusing antics (she loves to ambush Sooty with a spray of water as he trots past)

Kitten update

I had to take the kittens’ mother to the local animal shelter :( She and Baby were not making any progress, and having her continually meowing 24/7 (even between mouthfuls of food) and efforts to mask baby’s scent with her own (by peeing everywhre) was just too much. Shame – she’s a really, really nice cat, otherwise :(

Hi, my name is Frosty…

Oliver discovered me and my brother under a bush with our vigilant mommy watching over us. He kindly brought us into his house

cats 001

And my first action on visiting a house for the first time, will be: