Kitten update

I had to take the kittens’ mother to the local animal shelter :( She and Baby were not making any progress, and having her continually meowing 24/7 (even between mouthfuls of food) and efforts to mask baby’s scent with her own (by peeing everywhre) was just too much. Shame – she’s a really, really nice cat, otherwise :(

6 days later and the kittens seem to be wondering where she’s gotten to: she spent most of her time out on the balcony anyway, and in the mornings they seem really eager to have me open the balcony door. But once they’ve looked outside and see nothing, they come back in and chase me around the apartment.

Frosty is a ball of nervous energy, picking her up is liking trying to pick up water; she’s napped with me a couple of times but, by and large, she’s hyper most of the time.

Sooty is a lot less frenetic and has started to actively seek attention on occasion. He follows me around and watches me a lot. He’s a little clumsy at jumping sometimes, and I haven’t yet figured out if he’s a bit slow or if he just doesn’t get as excited about things as his sister (if I roll a ball across the floor, Frosty is gonna get to it first).

Unlike Baby, these two love the collection of toys. Their favorites are the bird-on-a-string and the ball-in-a-groove. Although Frosty will spend a long time playing with a tinkly-mouse.

Baby seems to be “ok” around Sooty, but wary of Frosty, and generally nervous – if not scared – of both of them.

Vet says that – if I’m going to separate them – I should do it sooner rather than later.

I think Baby is always going to keep her distance from both/either of them, and I suspect Sooty will want company. But I don’t know if 3 cats isn’t more than I – and particularly my tiny little apartment – can handle.



As fun as having that many cats can be, it gets dirty quick i can imagine. Plus who want’s to be “that guy” with all the cats.

Sounds like they’re just what Pippa needs to keep her occupied!

creepy cat man in the making.

Ignore the critics. Cats are excellent.

We have 2 cats baby and abby, baby is half Himalayan half bobcat. Without a tail she cant jump and land on her feet every time its funny as hell to watch her loose her balance! Abby is a Fat cat. She has the classic Tuxedo coat all grey with white chest and feet. Shes a nervous lil cow with lots of play time with baby she has lost about half her weight. She can open just about any door in the house by jumping to the handle and turning it. Thats how she got so fat. Eating her fill every time she wanted. We finally started keeping the food in a bucket with a lid. I hate cats hehe :)

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