Login Queues

Just got done adding a Login Queue system to the auth host (I have to add it to Playgate too, but it’s the weekend and it’s late and I’m gonna do that later).

The nice thing about working on this particular piece of “sigh” was that I got to work mostly in Visual Studio. I used CMake to rustle up a quick .sln for the host files and the code I was writing was isolated enough that it didn’t run into any cross-platform issues.

What would make it better would be if I could compile the thing from Visual Studio; unfortunately the host project Makefile is fairly complex (configure.ac and Makefile.am based). Porting that to cmake is a bit of a pain, and I don’t really feel like jumping through those hoops, especially since it seems the only way to learn CMake is to buy their goddamn book.

I suppose I could install MinGW or Cygwin and build Windows versions of the host binaries. I’d still have to build a solution file for it, but that wouldn’t be that much of a pain.

Or I could just set up the necessary virtual machines to run a virtual cluster and use one of them to build the executables from a shared path…

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