Apparently, changes have been made

Nicked from our Wiki entry.


Taxi to victory!


Yep, certainly has changed a lot.

Just the other night I was involved in a great battle which I wish I had recorded as it realy showed off how great the game can be and how good it does look these days.

Werkendam was under heavy attack so I brough a Fairmile from Dussen to help. It was a foggy morning and as I crossed the Moerdijk pond I was scanning for the many EA that I knew to be in the area. Suddenly out of the mist looms the outline of a British Fairmile.

This realy shows how well the weather does work (I know a lot of pilots hate it, although many still seam quite capable of hitting just about anything on the ground despite it).

Anyway, I had obviously just seen him seconds before he saw me and I was able to light him up with my 20mm’s. I leave his flaming wreck disapearing into the mist.

Werkendam is in big trouble so I head for there at full speed killing another British fairmile on the way.
On arriving near Werkendam I see a mass of tracer fire in the fog. As I edge closer I can make out many enemy tanks just to the west of town.

After a long battle, and many RTB’s for ammo, the area surrounding the ruins to the west of the town was a seen of burning hulks. In the early morning sunlight & misty weather it looked amazing!

Wish I’d taken a few screen shots. :-(

Anyway, the games come a LONG LONG way, keep up the great work!

Rdmenace did you do the wiki entry?

Is the 109 in the same place in the bottom picture i cant see if must be the fog blocking it.

I loved this game for almost 3 years. I remained with it through some iffy patches. However, this latest ‘BUSH BUSH BUSH EVERYWHERE!'(and not the good kind :P), the invisable, silent, stealth ATG/EI/Aeroplanes and the Fog finally killed the joy for me. It’s a shame. FPS hovering around 15 on an exceptional day is not good. Made worse when theres Fog. Killed stone dead by invisable, silent, stealth enemys.

So what did CRS do in the last patch? Adjust the firing rate on the Tomson SMG for the Brits.

C’mon guys. Get the game back on track please. I want to resubscribe. It’s unplayable at present!

I like bush.

This is the wrong place to make such comments.

“C’mon guys”

(looks around)

Just me . The host guy. But I’ll pass on your suggestion, next time we’re in one of our all-office circle-jerks – i.e. never, that our artists should spend more time working on code issues. No, actually, I *will* suggest that at our next meeting so we can all have a thoroughly good laugh.

(If you have complaints about in-game performance, you might want to try a CRS forum or blog. I’m not gonna delete your post tho, because it’ll provide way too much fun for the piranahs)

Oooo Ohhh oohh! Mr. Kfsone (in a Horseshack voice)

Can I be a toothy fish?

Pop culture from the 70’s if yer looking for Horseshack…

Welcome back Easting. :)

I love people complaing about “too many bushes”. It just proves conclusively that god has a sense of humour (and hates game developers).

yes, I did a large part of that wiki entry. The comparison shot I didn’t add because I had very low bandwith at the time. I asked someone to add it for me.

If you look at the descusion (

Nice work on the Wiki, rdmenace, like the layout etc alot. S!
Heh, glad you saw the irony, horse, of a comparison screenshot between flatland & fogham and his criticism being “bushes” :) *roflamo*

Yeah, all those “THERE IS NO COVER” complaints. Oh the irony.

People should be honest and say:

“Take out whatever makes me loose and put in whatever makes me win.”

All Heresy Becomes Dogma

‘x’ bushes apparently weren’t an issue…?

Buy More RAM. Watch more Yatta. Do the ‘Numa-Numa’ dance, and be glad you have 15 FPS inside those beautiful Granik buildings and when you watch sunrise on a foggy morning in awe with SpeedTrees silhouetted across many hills and water reflections right there for you…

Reality consists of too many polygons.

Life slows down your real-time FPS when you are in danger. Think about it. ;) Then get back in the game and *support* the effort to give you your game back.

I never thought I would see complaints about too many bushes. Now they are all over the forums. Gives a litte perspective on why CRS can’t always pick the signal out of the noise.

I was taking some screenshots last night (finally got my computer working in Nepal) of tanks shooting at each other down a road at about a 1k engagement distance. It looked downright beutiful with the hedges on either side of the road. Atleast it was beutiful compared to what we would have seen before.

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