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I’ve been wrestling with this all day. When a brigade moved, it wasn’t taking its oversupply with it [fx: grumbles about having to use resupply to move equipment; I’d rather than the bde was in limbo during the move]

I was watching The Universe (caution: site has sound) episode about the outer solar sytem, which describes how with Pluto reclassified, we now have 8 planets instead of 9 – and that dropped the penny. My supply transfer routine only tried to deliver upto capacity vehicles.

Fixed a few minor things today, was hoping Gophur/Doc would get some TOE templates set up. I’m pretty pleased with just how simple running the RDP cycles is now, it boils down to a single MySQL query.


All in all, I think it’s nigh on time to release this update!



Have you been installing the first version again?

No, I was cleaning up my hard drive and I found some really old zip files :)

Ah the old inf spawn!

Shame you missed the TS chat last night Oli. There where a few questions that it would have been good to hear your replies to.

So Pluto, planet or not?

Given the criteria for a planet, kind of got to agreee with it’s downgrading.

And on the subject of space,


Watch from 27mins onwards, you may recognise the site they are talking about. :-)

That original barracks would be interesting with the corpse feature.

Hey, what are you trying to do, totally kill my chances of ever getting another gaming gig again? Those screenshots suck bro.


*Bangs head on desk* Sorrry, mw, that totally skipped my mind yesterday and I think Fog was letting me off the hook because I’d been out sick.

And actually, if you check out galaxyzoo’s about pages, they actually have a resounding endorsement from Sir Patrick. Damn it’s good to see him still ticking – although when I followed that link, this was all I could see.

When i click on the link it takes me to the Sky at Night’s watch again page, and clicking on the blue text ROBONET to the right of Patrick’s picture open’s the episode.

Did the people you work for relize the black hole they jumped into when they invisioned the TOE thing.

Nothing personal I know you work had and so do your counterparts at CRS.

Please dont take this the wrong way. I am rooting for this succeed. I have played WW2 Online sice day one. Have 2 active acounts, I have traveled to mini cons in dallas, squad sumits in chicago and denver.

I do not see how TOE”S are going to benefit the average player ?

I’m excited about the morters, I don’t see how more layers of complexity are going to help trasient high comands “imearse them in the game.

That question’s been answered a bunch of times, I’ll leave it to you to look it up or one of the smart-asses to answer.

I don’t see how it *adds* any layers of complexities for a new player. It takes them away.

MW – The rest of the page was there, but all I could see was a picture of Patrick Moore captioned with “RoboNet”.

Hey kfs1, any chance you can fix the squad page in game to allow an edit of the squad short name?

you can change the long name but not the short name :(




LoL, ah yes, I love such errors. If I remember right, one of the mariner rockets crashed because of such an error ^^

Did you know, that there are people out there, who wants to save pluto? You don’t believe me?
http://www.save-pluto.de/nachruf.html (German)
http://pleasesavepluto.org/ (English)
http://www.google.com/search?q=save+pluto (Search yourself, I had about 2 million results) :D


Do over-supplied units consume more supplies?

I’m guessing it’d be so, through waste, theft, and the inefficiency of abundance in general. Seems like it’d be the sort of thing that military minds would’ve investigated, and documented or debunked already. The German’s, surely.

Just a question, nobody shoot!

Hehe, we don’t have that concept of supplies (rations, water, etc); apparently all of our armies are zombies who need nothing more than the brains of their fallen enemy (or, if you read our forums, you might think “comrades” too).

It might make for an interesting layer tho, and it would certainly make for a natural rationale for not allowing massive overstocks to last forever :)

If we’re overstocked, can I mail a jeep back piece by piece back home?

WWII online on the plains of Bedford. :)

Hi Dravere,

thanks for mentioning our website http://www.save-pluto.de
We did our best to save our little friend and designed a petition which everyone can sign and send to the IAU.

We were quite successful and even Alan Stern, the director of the NASA-mission “New Horizons”, gave us a cool comment.

We won’t stop fighting for pluto’s right to be a planet.

Greetings from Germany

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