Loser Interfaces

I mean, what the hell?


It seems this is Microsoft’s latest improvement of the old chestnut. Oddly, I found it rather inconvenient to have my machines reboot themselves. Clearly, Microsoft have made it unsafe to have auto-updates enabled, again. In the 3rd VM to reboot I managed to be hitting one of the many accelerator keys that corresponds to clicking on “Reboot Now” before the dialog went from loading to visible. I also have to give a little shout-out to the guy(s) at VMWare responsible for the Virtual Debugger interface in Visual Studio: Some of the most cryptic prompts and error feedback.  Like this classic:



If you knew which file wasn’t found, you would be able to hack it, do something bad, or figure out what is wrong. Shame on you for, for, like trying to be productive or something. ;)

My first commercial app had an alert that said “Sigh, programmer error”. At least it made you feel sorry for the coder.

Have you seen what is in the software package from ATI for there drivers. Folding @home and WOW trial :(

Oops, added the links to the full size images that WordPress somehow stripped out.

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