Kinda hard playing the new patch

I’m exhausted, spent. I’ve been so excited about 1.27 I moved my PC to a whole new room with a new surround sound setup, etc. I tried to play last night but I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

We do have an ongoing chat-host issue, something insidious and lurking that has been affected a sweep of subsystems, but I’ve narrowed it down and should be able to tackle it tomorrow.

Tonight, I’d had a good rest, and I spawned in and tried to play, and I just kept reeling.

Mortars: I mean, wtf. Whoever pushed to have them added into the game needs a good, hard, merciless beating. And then knighting and declaring a saint.

Between TOEs and Resupply, and the addition of indirect fire – the game has changed. Everyone is discovering something new. I spent a half hour driving a truck around pulling up alongside tanks, ATGs, AAA guns, and waiting for them to go, “holy ****! I’m getting resupply??????”

I spent another half hour with a chain-gang of resuppliers at the top of the hill outside spontin – a bunch of guys spawned in from a truck carrying ammo packs down to the mortars and LMGs laying down INSANE amounts of fire on the poor Axis defenders down in the town.

The place was streaming with blue icons – I was playing BEF and there was a French mobile spawn – from the same firebase – just along the hill from us. And then there were explosions, and there started to seem to be less of us. It was so busy and there was so much going on – tanks and atgs firing into town endlessly because they had supply trucks keeping ’em going – mortar rounds, lmg fire, etc, etc – and with so many corpses all around, it was hard to tell who was dead and who was prone… It was so busy that it was way too late when I realized that our mortarmen’s rounds couldn’t be landing that short and caught a brief glimpse of the two mortar rounds heading directly for me before things went dark :)

I’ve been sitting staring at the map screen – watching chat – my finger hovering over the launch button. If I do, I know I’m probably going to be at it all night, and I need to call it soon.

1.27 scares me – its fricking awesome :)


Well, you guys did a fricking good job with 1.27. I think its getting closer to what BE should be like. The better the game, the higher the risk of getting hooked on it! :)

The most ominously voiced fear before introduction of the first indirect fire weapon was that players would rebel at being killed by a weapon they couldn’t see or identify.

I haven’t seen that complaint even once since the beta started.

I have a complaint!

Now where did I put that thing…….

Oh yeah….um…….I would like to file a complaint about the number of people online. It seems that there are too many people working together.

Love it Oli!

Mortars, resupply, co-existant brit/french bdes.
Huge step forward.

I believe the addition of mortars and resupply will go down as the biggest and best new features ever added. This should help bring back the team aspect of the game.

One thing needed to make any indirect fire weapons go down better is simply a more distributed spawn system.

No one seems to mind getting blown to hell by something unseen if they have OPTIONS afterwards so it doesn’t happen over and over and over again at the same place.

No. The problem with indirect fire is friendly fire, the lack of it, and the griefing with it.

There are solutions though. It’s not insurmountable.


I die by things I never see all the time, at least when death rains from above you know it. Did these mortar shells whistle through the air in the past?

I also like friendly fire, but how can CRS prevent people from grieving?

50 mm Mortar shells don’t and didn’t whistle. The only thing you’ll hear is the sound when it leaves the barrel, if you’re close enough(Klunk) and then you’ll hear the explosion.

That’s cool, wasn’t sure.

Damn good patch, the smoke effects are superb. Are there new tracer effects too?

I wished the mortars whistled, but if the dont IRL then they should not here.

Played a bit last night and I noticed troopers hunting down mortars with a new found zeal. And straffing trucks is certainly more worthwhile too.


Good work on 1.27 had a lot of fun playing with you last night. Everybody working together is great. I just have one question do you get points for being a truck doing resupply??

I had fun playing today.

No points for truck resupply right now; we kinda got some of it done but not finished.

Congrats on the patch!

It sounds like a blast.

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