Threading Building Blocks intro

I put together a short video walkthru creating a skeleton Visual Studio 2008 project with Intel’s Threading Building Blocks that introduces the basics of using Threading Building Blocks and compares performance of serial and parallel sort.

Slightly off-topic: I also decided it was time to redo the logo with Paint.Net. It has some quirks but I’m rapidly coming to prefer it over the old PaintShop Pro 5.0 I’ve been using since I bought it way back when… :)




I’ve used for several years. Not as powerful as the commercial paints but still it’s well featured and very easy to learn. Free is always good too :)
Lots of dift user made pluggins/filters on their forums. Some useful some not so.

Took me a while to figure out how to do a drop shadow. Odd that they haven’t added one themselves, but not that difficult to do once you’ve worked it out :)

(Copy image, paste as new layer, “edge detect” the new layer, gausian blur, offset the layer a few pixels and then change the layer’s blend mode to “difference”)

Nice. Of course, sorting is not that easily parallelized given the nature of the problem. Are you finding TBB useful? (Given your other recent post, it seems not… ;-)

I can see plenty of use for it, just not that first basic step I would have hoped for – migrating the existing threading we have to it.

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