Hydrocodone sucks ;-P

I don’t do drugs. Ok, that’s never true – everyone does something. But from the outset I knew that all the “fun” drugs folks rave about weren’t for me. I do drink occasionally, and after 38 years I had finally fallen into smoking up until the gallbladder surgery. So that’s alcohol and nicotine. But I got off the nicotine, and as I said, I don’t drink that often.

I take pride in the level of creativity I’m able to achieve just using my own gray matter. But the real reason I don’t (have never) touched other stuff is because I always knew it would mess me up.

They gave me HC 10/325 for the pain after my gallbladder op. I took one the first night out of the hospital before bed. Yesterday I accidentally popped myself in the stomach with a bag I shouldn’t have been lifting. So I took two last night, and not wanting to spend today groggy I took them early.

Doc was therefore a little annoyed when I was “unhelpful” when he called to ask me about server issues. Yeah, well I’m annoyed that the only time anyone ever brings up concerns about using the toolset to me is when I’m not available. And they use terms like “don’t work”, which investigation reveals to mean “work fine, but I wasn’t sure” or “we wanted you to type in the commands instead”.

It seems he was worried that a simple server restart would wipe the map state. I’m not sure which field that came out of, but I’m guessing that he has mentally flagged “simple server restart” as dangerous because he assumes that changing the terrain database midway thru a campaign is simple. Or maybe he doesn’t distinguish *shrug*.

In order to ensure that map state gets reasserted over anything other than a deliberate map reset, I have the host auto-generate a Lua script that will restore any alterations during a down/up or in case of a crash. If I write a detailed explanation of how this kind of change works, it goes unread on the basis of too much to read. If I keep it succinct it’s either “too coderish” or “not enough detail”.

So I’ve just tried changing the presentation of the tools, which is really just changing the motd and the PS1 the user gets. (The motd now locks the title-bar line in-place so that it’ll always be there).

Yeah – these tools are just a disguised Linux command line. Unlike the regular tools which are all accessed via a web interface. Why are these different? Because they’re operational and I haven’t learned to use REST yet (I’m not a web guy), and I hate having to run scripts that potentially go remote as CGIs etc.

Annoyingly, it’s now nearly 4pm and my head still hasn’t cleared :/


I got HC 7.5/75. The first one I took made me feel hyper, but quite demented and fuzzy-headed…like my brain was aware it was disabled, and was running in circles trying to figure out what was going on. Also, it was almost as bright with my eyes closed as open, given the light show on the insides of my eyelids. Most unpleasant. No more of those…I switched to plain aspirin. My right side didn’t hurt that much anyway, as long as I was *very* careful.

Hydrocodone does, in fact, suck. Mainly because I have a dangerously high tolerance to it and had to switch to Oxycotin reluctantly as part of my pain management. (24 and my body is a mess already, in fact considering getting a cane because of how much my knee is completely deteriorating)

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