These are Virtual Worlds, not games per-se. I hadn’t heard of most of them, an interesting watch.


It’s a shame he showed so little of A Tale in the Desert, that’s really the only major one that I know of that’s not a There / Second Life clone.

I hate it when people “quote” themselves.

I hate “techno” as a musical form.

Virtual worlds (not games) are tedious, pompous, silly, and insufferable. Sticky undefined fluid containing mental masturbation cubicles. Away with the lot!

“You know what you could use here? You could use some nice goal-oriented destruction, that’s what.”
– Snail

There, I said it. Uh huh…uh huh. *bip boppity bopdop ba bip dop dop*


Or from an alternate perspective, perhaps the virtual world could have goal-oriented destruction at the front lines and occasionally near bombing sites and commando raid targets, but also would include broad areas in which there would be social interactions of a more civilian nature…generally in the context of rear-area support, resource extraction, armaments production, infrastructure operations and other economic production supportive activities.

Much later, of course, after the 2000-item development priority list.

The potential-customer numbers are pretty impressive, the world already exists and is running, the mechanics mostly exist, pretty much everything exists except some new objects and some economic production mechanics that may already be on the “someday” list. All that it would take is for a tiny fraction of the social-world people to be interested in supporting a group competitive accomplishment.

Have to disagree with both of you. Social Worlds are that – they’re not games, they’re a different form of entertainment. I explored Active Worlds when it was still Alpha World, and saw how it might appeal to people, although I misjudged how many. They’re something you either love or hate, and if you don’t love them, you’re really not well placed to judge them or one could equally argue that virtual games are pretentious with their arbitrary and fictional depiction of status thru “points” and “levels” and “ranks”; isn’t that the same as a caste society where your status is an artefact of your parents or wealth rather than your abilities and social worth?

And trying to attract virtual worlders into a structured MMO, particularly a PvP MMO, is an exercise for someone hungry for fail. VWers want social not anti-social. The VW does /not/ exist in WWII Online /because/ everything is goal oriented and/or contested. You could attract players in the small layer of overlap by adding social activities like card games or craftable/furnishable private squad instances where people can go and roleplay/goof off/etc, but that wouldn’t be a good reason for doing it.

In the immortal words of Sgt. Hulka: “Lighten up, Francis.”


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