I have a bunch of files open in text editors, and I’ve started scribbling on notepads. I hit a bit of a bump in the road with my TOE system design, one of those trivial details that gets changed that happened to be a pivotal choice – Gophur wants, and rightly so, to start with a templated system whereby there are, say, 3 types of Army TOE and each brigade is assigned one type. So far most of the work I’ve done has been prepping related systems so no active code gets changed as a result.

I’d really like to try and get brigade OICs or at least flexible missions up and running alongside TOEs but time is tight and there’s some pretty major under-the-hood work to make either of those happen.

We periodically, and absolutely anonymously, record what CPU features (of MMX, SSE, SSE2 and 3dNow!) are connecting to our servers. Of our PC players: 99.45% have SSE1, 81.2% have SSE2. 51% of them have AMD cpus – so I’m guessing that our SSE2 build will be a significant improvement for 45% of our PC players, and there’s a discussion on-going as to whether we need to build a SSE1 build for the guys who have P4s with poor SSE2 implementations and the ~20% who don’t have SSE2 and could most use a hefty performance improvement.

So I need to find something light to keep me from distracting myself (like my blog entrys have been). It’s sad but on these longer runs I play a very minor part. I get little flashes of the work in progress. It’s a bit like being a reporter outside a mad scientists office, and every now and again he appears at the door and mumbles “Fission!”, you say “amazing! fission of what?”. He starts to explain but more than a few words in and he’s already closing the door and scurrying back to his work…


How would I know what CPU feature I have?

Ummmmmm. Templates. Good stuff.

Will it be possible for the template applied to the Brigade to be known to the code governing actions of Brigade staff officers? If for instance the concept of staff-officer-deployable defensive revetment/emplacement spawn points was implemented, perhaps Infantry Brigades that have been located at a given CP for X time, and thereby are presumed to be “dug in”, would be allotted an additional ration of such defensive strongpoints…or maybe someday, an ability to deploy wire and mines, and call on virtual artillery support.

We periodically, and absolutely anonymously, record what CPU features (of MMX, SSE, SSE2 and 3dNow!) are connecting to our servers.

I was wondering does the EULA or TOS mention that you collect such “demographics” or what ever it’s called in English?
Just pointing out that, if for example the big fish in the IT-industry, MS, would mention that they collect data without it being mentioned in some EULA or whatever, everyone can, in their own little head, imagine the amount of Flaming and Sueing and whatnot that would ensue.

I hope no one takes such action against you Rats..

Ps. I hope my blockquote worked…

Yes, in the TOS, under Logfiles. The information we collect is non-personal/unique. CPU vendor (Intel, AMD or Other), and bit fields indicating the presence of MMX, 3DNow!, SSE and SSE2 instruction sets. We record it in a statistical rather than personal fashion, so we have no way to tell the attributes for any individual user.

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