The new MMO: Nodiatis

Glitchless, often maligned and variously abused by people challenging the dev’s claims (<- click this link if no others) with scandallous accusations, have finally launched their first (I believe) MMO: Nodiatis. It’s not the ground-breaking Dawn that that people refused to believe in back in 2000. But after 8 years, they have proven the doubters wrong with what is certainly an MMO(*):

(Full 49Mb WMV video here large enough to read the text; the game has sound, but for some reason it got stripped out by Movie Maker)

(* If, by MMO, you mean graphical MUD, like The Realm)

My character’s class was an “alcoholic” which may be why combat consists of clicking auto attack.

DISCLAIMER: Readers interact with Glitchless’ website at their own risk. I take no responsibility for any unsolicited emails or software infections use of their site or product may result in.

I followed Lum’s link before recapping on Glitchless. I’ve been professionally involved in web-related development for 12 years, and their site manages to trigger all my spider senses. I saw no evidence of mischief, I just felt very uncomfortable using their site and certainly wouldn’t do so outside the VM I run my “safe” browsers in. After a while playing, their java-based client told me it had run out of memory and I should restart my browser. When I did and logged back in, it told me I needed to upgrade my Java and provided a link. Given I already have the latest java and runtime, I wasn’t clicking on that link even in my sandbox.

All things considered, I’m sorry to be sounding alarmist. Assuming everything is bonafide, although it’s a 2d mud-style clickfest, it looks like it plays with lots of interesting concepts (like PvP permadeath) that people have tried and learned from elsewhere, but it might be fun to see one big melting polt of all those ideas.


The java link takes you directly to Sun Microsystem’s page which we all know is full of HAX TROJAZN BUGGZ WAREZ.

Or maybe the newest java version which you actually don’t have =/

My character’s class was an “alcoholic” which may be why combat consists of clicking auto attack.

My character was a Warrior, and combat also consisted of clicking auto attack.

In my opinion, it’s Racewar: Kingdoms with a Java front end, and (sadly) without Yoyo the HiHi Samurai.

Well, Mo Ron, that’s one theory, of course. There’s the minor fact that I had just updated my JRE the day before and when I manually entered the URL the Java button appeared to be linking, Sun’s website told me I already had the latest Java installed.

Which is funny, because it’s almost like I mean’t what I said:

kfs1 wrote:
When I did and logged back in, it told me I needed to upgrade my Java and provided a link.

Which it hadn’t done 5 minutes earlier when I was running it.

kfs1 wrote:
Given I already have the latest java and runtime, I wasn’t clicking on that link even in my sandbox.

Like I said, I saw no evidence of wrong-doings but lots of warning signs that would ordinarily tell me to steer clear of a website.

Well then report the problem to them on their forums. My blinking Java went away after I updated to 1.6.0._06

I hate java even more than I hate macs. I hate adobe too. Did I mention I hate adobe?

I might hate macs more than java, actually.

Look, I hate java, adobe, and macs, and there’s no reason to show favoritism over one or the other. Ok?

I had a mac plus once…in some early/mid 80’s haze which my mind has since pretty much blanked out. It had a goldarn silly program called Eliza that psychoanalyzed you with what sounded pretty much like Stephen Hawking’s voice (what would become S.H.’s voice, anyway) using the “detect a noun/verb, ask a question about detected noun/verb” method of psychoanalysis.

Eliza: Hello. How are you feeling?
Snail: These peanuts are making me thirsty.
Eliza: Why do you drink peanuts?
Snail: Not drink, dumbass. Eat.
Eliza: Why do you eat dumbass?
Snail: No, dammit. I am not eating a dumbass, I am calling you a dumbass!
Eliza: Do you often call dumbass?
Snail: Only when I’m talking to you.
Eliza: Are you glad you are talking to me?
Snail: God, I wish I weren’t. How the hell do I delete you?
Eliza: Do you want God to delete?
Snail: Yes. Yes I do. I want God to reach his frigging finger of death down here and touch you with it.
Eliza:How do you feel about frigging fingers?

…and so on.

I’m not doing it justice. It was both impressively wierd and amazingly irritating at the same time.

Maybe, deep down…Eliza is the whole reason I hate macs so much. I could probably find out, if I had Eliza to talk to about it.


That’s pretty funny…

That definitely gives me a chuckle.

My dislike was having to learn apple pascal in college. I wrote programs at home on my pc. Had to translate to apple pascal since some of the commands and syntax changed. So that I could turn it in for a grade. On top of it all apple did file layouts differently on everything, so there was no sharing of files or disks.

The business world where you work was nothing but pc’s the college world nothing but mac’s. For the rest of my life, until I change my mind, macs will always be associated with pie in the sky theory where everything works. Give me my pc and the cold hard reality that keeps money in my bank account.

Eliza was a PC program too although she dates back to before Steve Jobs co-created Breakout for Atari: Infact, unlike her geeky developers, she was already dating as early as ’72 :) (Incase it’s not obvious, PARRY was a similar “””””AI””””” application, and when I say “”””” you should be thinking “””””Dr Evil”””””)

Exactly, breed, but that’s why I think they need to take the step and release a virtual appliance because having a Mac on my desk has been a real shock.

I got my dislike of all things apple from having Douglas Adams dropped in my lap while I was working at Demon. I had been the unofficial Amiga support person for a while and they decided that the Mac was more like the Amiga than the PC and I was a Douglas Adams fan, so I could handle him since – he was sort-of – a corporate client.

His resolute determination to know as little about his computer as possible annoyed the crap out of me. Time and fate, though, have grown me a similar disinterest in the physical computer.

At Granada TV and The Guardian a lot of the very smart people I worked with were Mac users. Sure, it can be hard talking to a Mac user if all you know is Windows – but no harder than I found it talking to one of our networking geeks who only used Sun’s desktop or NeXT or FVWM or something. Infact, if you can’t talk to a Mac user who is earning a pay grade higher than you … Well… Just, Well.

Finally I started working at, and again a lot of their folks are Mac users. There was a Mac near my desk. It had a transaprent gadget next to the keyboard that looked like a trackball someone had turned upside down. I was going to right the thing only to find that it made an alarming crunching sound at the slightest pressure. You’re freakin’ kidding me, this whole thing is a mouse button?

I already felt dirty and soiled, I spent about a minute trying to use the computer … I guess it was MacOS 6 or 7 or something? Anyway, it reminded me so badly of the Atari ST and the appaling GEM desktop that I genuinely nearly had to pee myself. I later on found it was there purely so that people could check certain pages for Mac-browser compatability, and it looked several generations older and worse than anything on anyone elses desktop … but … I was pretty sure that the operating system wouldn’t have changed so much.

So … It’s time for a new PC for my desk here, I’m going for a Windows box, naturally. However, playnet is paying and Gophur points out that if we make it a Mac I can always run Windows on it and have the option of booting into Mac mode if I want to check out the Mac; I could run a Unix on it or whatever.

That was the theory.

It’s actually a really nice operating system to have to work under: It is fast, responsive, well thought out, well organized and accessible. Does it hide a lot of stuff from you that we Windows users expect to be beleagured with?

Maybe – sometimes that just isn’t necessary: If you could install Windows programs simply by dragging their folder from a Zip file to the C:\Program Files\ folder, then after a short while you would probably be confused by the retarded throw-back installers that ask you to find a folder using a quirky-assed file selection window. Mac installers work that way – applications are packaged into a single folder that is entirely self-contained and you drop it wherever you want it, with /Applications/ being the norm.

It is really perverse at first that Mac applications don’t go away when you close their windows. But only because Windows is far more of a throw-back to old actually-only-single-tasking Windows 1 and 2 than OSX is to it’s earlier progeny. Windows bogs down under lots of loaded/resident applications and tasks. MacOS doesn’t – it just saves time next time you bring it to the foreground, adding to the impression of zippyness it presents.

Using a Mac is about letting go a little and falling back to older more natural habbits and patterns of thought. It actually tends to do what you think it would do – before you trained yourself to think like Windows :)

I’m finding that using the Mac feels more and more natural by the day and it is a vastly less antagonistic/frustrating experience than working with the PC, and I would have said I was perfectly comfortable using the PC – you get so used to all the little – and I stress – minor niggles and peeves and annoyances and hangups in Windows, you recall how much worse it was in 2000, 98, 95, 3.11 that you really don’t mind the tiny ghost of their former selves. Until you get to grips with a Mac :)

hmmmm…. where is kfsone and what have you done to him? Should we be calling the police? ;)

Seriously, The MacOS did a total rewrite from scratch and threw a lot of stuff away around version 8 or so. You had to run older stuff through an emulator. People can correct me if I’m wrong. Apparently it’s done wonders. With windows, it doesn’t take too much effort to run your 3.1x stuff. WIndows is due for an overhaul.

When I was in Accounting and at a pre-press shop I was totally surrounded by a lot of mac users who made a whole lot more than me. Some made more in a month than I did in a year.

Now, well now, I found the path of Oracle Applications and the holy grail of continual employment through the entity of the ERP. Implementing an ERP is not an easy task and is usually not appreciated or regretted until after go live.

Though I’ve gotten the Oracle apps to work on Mac, Oracle’s Java concentration was on the PC framework not Mac.

NASA sent a bunch of geologists to the moon, after training them how to get by as Astronauts. I imagine there was something between test-pilot astronauts and rock-loving astro-geologists was something akin to that between the windows user and the mac user. The computer itself is about as important to someone like Douglas Adams as is his stapler: a part of not meeting his deadlines in a convincingly tried-to fashion. I wonder how the Apollo 17 crew would have faired if they had been the crew of Apollo 13… “Houston, something is beeping and the tin can made some loud rumbly noises?”

As a Linux and Windows user, one of my big fears with the Mac was the “idiot box” concept so many of us hold that the Mac can’t be tweaked or tuned the way we have become accustomed to having to do with Windows apps. Not true: I’m continually shocked at how much flexibility most of the Mac apps I’ve played with can be if I poke. It’s just differently thought out and less … demanding.

My experience working on a Mac is a refreshing break from the nightmare of clunky and eclectic Open Source/Linux application horrors and Windows beasties. It’s almost exactly like being able to turn up for work in jeans and tee vs having to maintain an Armani suit and tie, but unlike the Mac of infamy amongst my fellow Lin/Win users, the jeans don’t have to be cords :)

Obviously you never heard Eliza on the mac+, or you wouldn’t be saying “she”.

And I’m pretty damned sure the icon had an Adam’s apple.


You can’t go expecting Mac users to understand concepts like gender-specific names or, well, gender :)

Good point, pinky.


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