Stargate Atlantis is apparently comes to a close at the end of this season. I have to admit, I watch Atlantis on a Friday night if my TiVo doesn’t have a good episode from the early seasons of SG1 on it. I don’t think I’ve ever watched an Atlantis re-run.

The fact is that the Atlantis series might as well all be aliens. Who cares if they are from Earth, they’re in another galaxy, they have Stargates, puddle jumpers, starships and advanced ancient technology out of wazoo. If the IOA thought O’Neill, Carter and Jackson were bad, was the day they selected/approved Sheppard and McKay bong day?

I try to imagine John Sheppard leading troops in active combat overseas and I shudder (Ok, he’s airforce, but so?)

Still, sorry to see the series end, it’s had the occasional cracking episode like The Daedalus Variations and last week’s episode was well above par too.


Darn and I just really started watching it with the last season. Needed something to fill up the Dr. Who and Torchwood void.

Actually the Star Trek void which has been missing since Voyager quit.

I never watch on Fiday nights but usually catch up sometime during the next week. I love my DVR.

Well, we might be losing SG:A, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be without a Stargate for long. Looks like Sci-Fi greenlit Stargate: Universe


Last weeks episode, in my opinion, is one that should never have happened. That storyline should have died long ago.

Yesterdays episode, on the other hand, was absolutely brilliant.

X15: Are you saying you didn’t like the replicator story but you did like the Rodney-has-a-cold episode? I was never crazy about the Atlantis-Weir, she always seemed too comfy to me — the original (blonde) Weir might have worked a lot better. So I actually liked the fact that they had a new(ish) gal to play Weir.

I’m saying that I was not fond of them continually bringing Weir back from the dead. You can only pull that trick once or twice before it gets stupid.

David Hewlett once again showed that he’s the star of the show in The Shrine, the man needs his own show.

I’m pretty sure that Toto just cast a curse on you :) He can’t stand Rodney :)

Yep, i’m sad to see it go aswell.

Agreed with X15, the Rodney episode was awesome. Yes, it was very rodney centric etc, but the emotions, editing and script were much much better than usual.

With the new info coming up about SG:U it seems horrible. Apparantly they want to make it a bloody space drama..

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