End of the big freeze

Yesterday when the aircon kicked in, my office dropped to a delightfully Canadian 40f in the space of about 15 minutes. They’ve been starting to call my office the meat locker (though I couldn’t hear them because of the volume of the aircon).

Building guy came in today and tweaked something on the air con and suddenly I can hear the hum of my PCs. I was able to hear Ramp mumbling on the phone. When Doc is talking to someone 5 doors down the hallway, I can hear the Australian in his accent.

Such luxury.


Hmmm 4. I think it is 4 outside right now.

You’ll have it turned back down on by Monday.

(He was typing FORTY F. weird font drops the 4 down, and he didn’t use a capital F for Fahrenheit).

Pfft.. I was talking aobut 4 Celcius :-)

They’re about the same. 4C = 39.2F


Getting maintenance to fix it is the non-geek way.

A true geek would just have brought in a half dozen dual-core Pentiums, and fought the aircon to a standstill with all that waste heat.

I think it was Rick and I moving ceiling tiles so as to block the aircon vents that triggered action ;)

I’m pretty sure that, shortly before leaving, Martini cranked down the setting on the thermostat that covers the three officers ’cause by 9.30pm it was getting cold.

It’s been two weeks at -3ºC here. The roads are getting… “interesting”. So far there’s plenty of salt for my 20 minutes high speed driving.

I’m sure I couldn’t work at 4ºC :)

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