Valgrind, have my babies?

You’re such a cutsey-wootsey little application you and you make me laugh so much when you pwn teulKit so vicariously.



How could something so simple, make me so happy?

I think this is mostly in Ramp’s court now (have to remind him that if we can provide some kind of orbat, the code allows HC officers to take a position anywhere in the orbat to spare them trying to figure out “who is…”)

Which means I’m working on something else again.

I’ll be honest tho, as important as the something else is, I’m glad to have had a few days break, and I’m glad we’re not trying to release it this week. Can’t tell you how mind numblingly boring the work I’ve had to do it (and the work left) is. I’m itching to get it into a beta-able state so we can crunch on the actual play of it; like Bert Rutan chomping at having to wait for the concrete to set so he can start work on so he can build White Knight so he can start work on Spaceship 1.

And yes, I’m sneaking this into a comment rather than its own post ;)

If you make an in-game Orbat, you make a very, *very* happy HC. Hell, screw TOEs – make that instead. :p

And I know the feeling. I was making a little app so people could fool around with brigade movements without actually being on the server – a kind of planning tool, I guess – and I had done a nice amount of CPs before I accidently undid all that work in one keystroke (“delete”, to be more specific). Even though I know I’ll have to pick that up again sometime, it’s nice to get a break from it for a little while at least – I’m almost tempted to hit delete again if I get tired of doing it again after I pick it back up. ;)

So, Valgrind works at a cost of running 5-20 times slower…but you then take it back into the regular Teulkit and therefore back up to normal speed? (probably a spectacularly idiotic question…unless you are non-programmer as I am). :)

Victarus, dont you know my -THE HC GAME?

Oh, and the music track:

(I did ToEs before CRS!)

Valgrind is a debugging tool, I only run it on my local dev server. It runs 5-20x slower because its a cpu-simulator, allowing it to track memory initialization, allocation and freeing

I read High Commander and automatically thought about weed.

ampos250: I know about it, I’m just going for something a little more simple is all. That’s a game, I’m making a planner – no battle rules, turns, or anything like that; just something to play with brigade movements so players (and, more specifically, HC officers) can plan and illustrate brigade movements. It originally started as something to teach myself C++, so it’s not like I’d stop if what I wanted was out there anyways. ;)

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