Missing C++ operator

Two classes:

class ServerTrackedObject

  virtual bool
    applyJoulesDamage(class Joules& joules, class Player*) ;



class MobileSpawnSTO : public ServerTrackedObject

  virtual bool
    applyJoulesDamage(class Joules& joules, class Client*) ;


The second applyJoulesDamage is supposed to override the former. But the compiler has no way of knowing that so it blissfully continues without so much as a warning.

There needs to be an operator that indicates you want to overload an earlier virtual function, e.g.

overloaded virtual bool applyJoulesDamage(…) ;

So that the compiler can say “Hey, there isn’t an existing vtable entry for this… Dammit.


figure this is the “threading error”. :) hope its fixed.

downloading 1.25.1 to 1.25.2 (12511252) now. Will that require NOTEPAD again for NetCode2?

I assume there’s a comment with one or more dirty words after the updated line? ;)

Out of curiosity (and since I have enough (although *just* enough) understanding of code to actually understand what these kinds of posts mean now), why was this changed at all for this patch? Was it just updating the old code in general, or something specifically for one of the new features?

It was the indestructible MSP bug. Vict: Each host process had a unique way of describing an attached player. Client, Player, HostPersona, Persona, etc… They were all subtly different, making everything a pain in the ass to do. So I renamed them all Player in preparation for rationalizing the map and chat host into one host, and to allow me to reduce a huge chunk of code which provided the same functionality for each individual server. Next step would be to create a base class.


Even with the “issues” great job again

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