Crappy stats

Still regretting, see? So I’m looking at my blog’s puny stats. Oddly I get a lot of referrals from and But I couldn’t help but chuckle when I was looking at the search terms… Following in Lum’s footsteps, here are some of the most common and/or esoteric:

ignore compiler warnings visual studio
  — Dont!
  — !
warning: “RAND_MAX” redefined
  — Read the next line it prints, dude
“stop minimizing” full screen games
  — Buy a mac
free Fraps video editer
  — It comes with one
wxwidgets problem mouse over skin
  — Keep it in a cage
“hate Egwene”
  — I don’t!
what is tight encapsulation
  — I thought this one was going to be pootytang.
eigenman hack
  — He’d better not
swg ui edit
happy bunny desktop
Happy Bunny Desktops
create your own happy bunny online
  — Scary numbers of people finding me this way
EQ2 leave guild
  — Click the button that says “leave guild”
ww2 trench how to build
  — Shovel, earth, dig
saitek evo turn off lights
  — damn straight!
ciney would in england
  — practice grammar?
easting pussy
  — Very true. I suspect there’s a typo here, and a dissapointment too
why, engineers, are, so, anal
  — And who are YOU to ask?
billie-piper ass
  — wide load
make your own happy bunny
  — enough!
whoop ass albertsons
  — A fellow Texan?
go away or I will replace you with a verb
  — I guess I’m going!


Easting pussy? Hey is that an insult? Or a flavor?

Eh…I link you from my blog (but nobody reads it).

I love this website.I visted atleast 2 times a day :)

I just started one with an info dump of my notes on the Texas Indie Game Conference, but it doesn’t look like Blogger gives as much info stat wise as WordPress does. Maybe it does and we can compare stats someday. :P

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